Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Im still not sorted for christmas and there is only 3 days left! Ive done some wrapping tonight whilst watching Family Guy. I swear they are always repeats but i still end up puttign them on in the background whilst im doing something, I burnt a gorgeous candle tonight called Snow Falls. ill do the review on that later on as right now im knackered so i just wanted to do a quick post (I will most likely stay up for ages yet though) Ive got a few things recorded that i haven't caught up with yet like Eastenders and things :)

These are a few of the things ive wrapped already, makes you feel kind of christmassy when you're wrapping up presents. (The picture is really poor quality as i used my phone and its really dark!)
Thats another thing at the moment how dark it gets, by 5pm its pitch black.

Are you organised and ready for christmas?
(I hope you are more than me, im just hoping some parcels turn up!) x

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  1. i haven't wrapped anything yet!! i always find family guy repeats all the time aswell but i do love the show LOL!! xox