Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow Fall Scented Candle Review

Earlier on this evening i desided to burn a candle, and this one has a christmassy theme to it so i thought why not. On there website this is how they describe this candle "Snow Fall, Drifting Down Without a Sound.
This scent is super soft and rounded. Capturing the special quietness that comes with the first snow of the year" I can't remember when i got this candle but im pretty sure my nan gave it to my mum or something..

Isnt the tin really cute and on the other side it says a little desciption and "Enjoy your candle" These candle are handmade, and i love that about products more effort has gone in to them :)

Once you take off the lid its so sweet inside a white candle with four lumps of ica cube looking bits, it looks really sweet and christmassy, and when you smell the candle is a gorgeous fresh smell so i wanted to see if its a stong smell or if you can't smell it once lit..

It really gave off the lovely scent, made the room smell great without being to over powering, most candle either smell way to strong once burning or not at all so i was really happy with this candle! The burning time is a minimum or 35 hours :)

This is the candle after about 3 hours of burning the white wax has changed colour to a lovely blue!
Overall this candle is well worth buying and i have looked up the price they are £7.95 i will definatly be buying this product again! (Maybe different flavours and smells) This is the website If anyone wants to check them out. I would recommend buying these candles as a present or a treat for yourself :) I hope you liked this review! x


  1. I really liked this review! Ive just checked out the website and after christmas i will definatly be ordering i love how it looks the colours and everything and really nice

    Emily xxxx

  2. i love this candle!!! Great review :) xox

  3. Looks soo nice! Bet it smells amazing!