Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Me & My Brother!

At my Nan's on Boxing day me and my brother got a few snaps of us so i thought id share them with you guys because i don't see my brother much he still lives with us and everything but hes with his girlfriend alot and we only see him when he comes back to pick up some clothes or sleep but we never take pictures. We are really close, we didn't use to be that close untill about 2-3 years ago we have chatted and got on really well. :)
Me and James

Im wearing:
Peter Pan Leopard print collar tunic - Newlook
Magnifying Glass necklace - Zara Taylor
Black Tights (you can't see) - Topshop
Leopard print hair bow - Topshop

Lipstick - MAC viva glam gaga
Mascara - Maybelline great lash
Bronzer - Rimmel London natural bronzer
Foundation - Clinique

What did you wear on christmas/boxing day? x

Lightning Ring & Feathered Hair Clip

Also I wanted to show you guys my Double finger lightning ring and Feather head piece, Ive seen alot of people wearing feathered earrings but i couldn't find very good colours only black that you couldn't see very well so when i saw this i thought id give it a go...

Im also wearing MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, I got this lipstick for christmas and can't stop wearing it, ive used so much i just love the colour!

These pictures wear taken on christmas day (Christmas red sparkley nail varnish)
My double finger Lightning ring i love!
Bear beanie from ASOS
Feathered hair piece from ETSY (I really love the colours)

Christmas & Cupcakes

I hope everyone had an amazing christmas! Sorry for not blogging over christmas ive just been so busy, Its been lovely spending time with the whole family :)
Christmas Eve: I spent most of the day wrapping presents and watching christmas films on the telly, haha! Also i made cupcakes i have to say ive never made them before but i love them anyway this is how they turned out...
I have to say they turned out alot better than i thought they would and tasted so good! :)

Christmas Day: Had my dads side of the family round, stayed in my PJ's most of the day and ate so much its un-real, But Mmm.. christmas dinner!

Boxing Day: Saw my mums side of the family we went round my dads and had lunch and dinner chatted to everyone, laughed had fun.. Everything christmas is about really :)

Overall ive had a really nice Christmas lovely presents, family, food (abit too much) But it was great!
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Snow Fall Scented Candle Review

Earlier on this evening i desided to burn a candle, and this one has a christmassy theme to it so i thought why not. On there website this is how they describe this candle "Snow Fall, Drifting Down Without a Sound.
This scent is super soft and rounded. Capturing the special quietness that comes with the first snow of the year" I can't remember when i got this candle but im pretty sure my nan gave it to my mum or something..

Isnt the tin really cute and on the other side it says a little desciption and "Enjoy your candle" These candle are handmade, and i love that about products more effort has gone in to them :)

Once you take off the lid its so sweet inside a white candle with four lumps of ica cube looking bits, it looks really sweet and christmassy, and when you smell the candle is a gorgeous fresh smell so i wanted to see if its a stong smell or if you can't smell it once lit..

It really gave off the lovely scent, made the room smell great without being to over powering, most candle either smell way to strong once burning or not at all so i was really happy with this candle! The burning time is a minimum or 35 hours :)

This is the candle after about 3 hours of burning the white wax has changed colour to a lovely blue!
Overall this candle is well worth buying and i have looked up the price they are £7.95 i will definatly be buying this product again! (Maybe different flavours and smells) This is the website http://www.lily-flame.co.uk/index.php If anyone wants to check them out. I would recommend buying these candles as a present or a treat for yourself :) I hope you liked this review! x


Im still not sorted for christmas and there is only 3 days left! Ive done some wrapping tonight whilst watching Family Guy. I swear they are always repeats but i still end up puttign them on in the background whilst im doing something, I burnt a gorgeous candle tonight called Snow Falls. ill do the review on that later on as right now im knackered so i just wanted to do a quick post (I will most likely stay up for ages yet though) Ive got a few things recorded that i haven't caught up with yet like Eastenders and things :)

These are a few of the things ive wrapped already, makes you feel kind of christmassy when you're wrapping up presents. (The picture is really poor quality as i used my phone and its really dark!)
Thats another thing at the moment how dark it gets, by 5pm its pitch black.

Are you organised and ready for christmas?
(I hope you are more than me, im just hoping some parcels turn up!) x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

MAC Lipstick & Lip Liner!

Once again its freezing! Anyway i have a couple of swatches to show you (I brought these two products when i was ment to be christmas shopping!) I didn't know what MAC products to pick so i got talking to one of the really nice women in there and she tryied a couple of different colour on me, as soon as i saw Captive i fell inlove with the colour, its a gorgeous Plum colour great for the winner! Underneath we tryied out the Subculture lipliner and that on its own is a lovely natural colour.

Lipstick Colour: Captive
Lip Liner Colour: Subculture

I don't normally wear liners but i really love this i use it all the time now, i did wear it today on its own, its a really soft but lovely colour :)

Swatches on the left Subculture on the right Captive.

What are your favorite MAC products? Would you recommend any colours? :)

MUA Lipsticks

Last week when i popped into Superdrug i saw a whole the MUA makeup range, every product for £1! There wasn't that much left. i was going to get some other products from there range like the eyeshadows and things but i wanted to give a few products a try first. So i picked up 3 lipsticks and amazingly when i got to the till, i didn't realize that every makeup item in Superdrug is on 3 for 2! So it only came to £2, Heres what i got...

I picked numbers 11, 5 and 8

Brown,Soft Pink,Red

These are the Swatches, i haven't tryied all of these on but i have used number 5, its such a nice soft pink and it stayed on really well actuatlly, very pleased with these products once ive tryied the other two ill let you know what i thought of those. The red one number 8 im planning to wear on christmas day but i might try it out before hand just incase it doesn't suit me :) x

Cheap And Cheerful

Still can't believe how much snow we have, it was snowing again today. I kind of hope it stops now ive had enough of it. It's way to cold and hard to get anywhere. Ive heard some people have had really bad problems heading somewhere that takes half an hour and it taking seven. That must be awful, But i hope everyones okay :)

I have a few products to share with you guys, well my two favorite winter under £2 buys!

Firstly we have Natural Collection strawberry body spray, This is £1.99 from boots and it an amazing thing to have in the winter as perfume doesn't tend to last that long and some body sprays run out so quickly and smell quite cheap, where as this body spray is a really good, it lasts ages! For example one bottle last me 3-4 months sometimes even more, it does last forever and such a lovely scent! I really recommend this product!

Secondly i only brought this because it looked so cute! Its from Peacocks and its £2, Anyway this lipbalm is fabulous it really helps chapped lips and smells like chocolate, also once you put this lip balm on it looks and feels like Lip gloss. Ive tried this on top of lipstick aswell and it also works such a nice thing to keep n your bag in the winter :)

I have a couple of MAC products ive brought recently that ill do a review on tomorrow, Also some other makeup and bits and bobs, Hope everyones looking forward to christmas, Im looking forward to seeing all the family and things. I just can't pick what to wear, im thinking a peter pan collar tunic but im not sure yet. Any ideas? x

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Let It Snow

Untill this morning i haven't felt like christmas is coming round at all. Now ive seen snow this morning (and lots of it) im looking forward to it. I still cant believe its now only a week, its crazy! Are you looking forward to christmas? Also whats your favorite thing about christmas? I have to say mines seeing everyone in the family, and peoples faces when they open cards and presents! :)

Here are a few pictures of Roxy and Tess playing in the snow this morning...


Tess & Roxy





The annoying thing about taking pictures of the dogs in snow is all the failed pictures of just a blurr, Also they keep wanting to go out every 10 minutes! x

Nails: Bumble Bee

I woke up today, looked out the window and saw so much snow! We hardly ever get snow so i was pretty shocked! My dogs went mad for it, ill do a post on them in the snow later :) Last night i painted my nails and really didn't know what pattern to do, somehow i came up with a bumble bee, i think it was when i was looking at nail art pictures but anyway this is how it turned out...

What do you think?
Also what nail patterns do you like? or want me to have ago at? :) x

Monday, 13 December 2010


Ive been wanting to show you guys my light-up snowman my nan brought me, hes adorable. Do you have any favorite christmas decorations? :)

Haha, i just loved him. Wow don't things like that make you feel like christmas is tomorrow. But still i cant believe its in less than 2 weeks thats crazy! Im still not done on presents and things i need to go shopping again either tomorrow or wednesday to get my dads and a few bits and bobs :) I haven't put my wish list on here yet. Wow im so late for everything this year, sorry this post is pretty short but im so knackered today anyway nighty night everyone :) x

Mini Haul

On saturday i went to Milton Keynes with my Auntie, Catch up and shopping :) It was great fun, anyway here is what i brought...
9 Barry M: Nail Varnishs  
Peter Pan Collar Tunic :)

I actuatlly didn't buy too much, most things i liked they didn't have in a smaller size so that was annoying but i adored this Tunic, its gorgeous and i need some new nail varnishs and Barry M are on 3 for 2 at the moment so i couldn't resist! I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) x

Matt Cardle

Ive had such a great weekend, Saturday in Milton Keynes was great! ill do a post on what i got later :)
And on sunday night Matt Cardle won the X-factor! Yess. I have to admit i voted about 12 times, haha i know i told myself save your credit didn't last long! I think i need to look at contracts soon because my credit seems to go so quickly,

How gorgeous is he?

I even looked at the X-factor tour tickets, but they are pretty rubbish seats now so not much point. I wish he painted my house before x-factor! haha :) x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas has come round so quick!

Wow don't you think christmas has come round so quick this year, 2 weeks and 3 days to go! and im so not sorted, so much to do. Thankfully its nearlly Saturday and im going Christmas shopping. :)
I love christmas shopping when it gets dark, all the lights on and everyone wrapped up warm it has a real christmas feeling. Also ive now seen the Coke advert so i can tell christmas is on its way! Haha.

How cute is this little penguin? You can buy them just down the round from me they are so sweet! We have a flower shop down my road and it sells all little christmas decorations and things i couldn't resist!
Are you looking forward to christmas? :) x

MAC Creme Cup!

I am so happy today! My MAC lippy turned up this morning, ive been wearing it all day its so lush and lasts really well, very happy with this product!
I definatly will be asking for Viva Glam Gaga for christmas now :)

Its such a gorgeous colour!

Ahh look in the background my light-up snowman from my nan, ill show him to you guys in another post he's adorable :) x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Nails Inc

Everyone if you love Nails Inc nail varnish go and buy a copy of GLAMOUR magazine, I have to admit the magazine isnt great but its only £2 and the nail varnish is a full sized pot and its normally £11, so well worth it! There are four different colours to get they only had one in the shop and its colour Warwick Avenue a really beautiful light pink :)

£2 Magazine, Free £11 Nail's Inc Polish :)

This is the Warwick Avenue!
I really love this nail narnish, cant wait to paint my nails with it might do it tomorrow :)
I think this issue of Glamour is only out for 4-5 more days, so get it quick girlys! x

Post 2

Well today when the post came i ripped open my package and it was a really sweet little box with a ribbon around, inside was a gorgeous handmade bracelet. Yellow,green,blue,pink :) It was so pretty and fits perfect!

Isnt this little box cute! :)

This is the bracelet on its Beautiful!

The bracelet is completley handmade, you can buy them on www.etsy.com/shop/northatlanticart
She sells lovely Jewelry! x
(Sorry the pictures are not great, i used my phone)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MAC Lipstick

Yes i know im a MAC Virgin, and ive seen so many people have amazing reviews about there products so i thought id give it a go, Ive gone for the Creme Cup lipstick, Cant wait untill it comes now :)
I have to say i dont normally wear lipstick, Normally just stick with gloss but i fancy trying something different, I think the delivery is 3-5 days, im hoping its here for saturday as id love to wear it shopping! :)

Ive seen people wear Creme Cup in pictures and it looks so nice!
Can't wait to try it on my skin tone :) x


Look what i got in the post today...

Lego Ring
Lego Earrings
Lego Lightsaver Necklace

I LOVE Lego things! These were sent to me from one of my friends on ETSY if you want to know any details just ask :) Wore the necklace all day today. x


Really looking forward to this weekend im heading to Milton Keynes to do some christmas shopping and spend the day with my auntie! :) So excited, i don't see her that much and its great when its just me and her because we can talk about everything. Its been ages since we last went on a shopping trip so cant wait! Got a couple of things in mind of what i want to buy because ive got most presents now i just need my brothers and id like to get a snood or new scarf as the weather is so damn cold at the moment! Also i looked on Republic website last weekend and saw a gorgeous Frog ring, so im hoping thats in stock the only other thing im planning on getting is nail varnish, Barry M are on 3 for 2 at the moment so thinking of stocking up :)

Also hoping to see my Beautiful cousin Libby and my uncle Ian, Its been way to long since ive seen all of them, I miss them a lot! If im ever having a rough day i just stand back and think atleast i have the most amazing family, some people dont even have that so it just shows no matter how bad you feel or how bad a problem is in your life there is always someone that has it much worse! So chin up everyone :) x

Monday, 6 December 2010

Bear Beanie

Its cold outside, ive been wearing so many layers when i walk the dogs and things and i need a hat so i went on ASOS and order this Bear Beanie :) It's adorable i now wear it all the time, its so warm and cosy i love it!
There is Two difference coloured ones i picked Grey/Black in the end, other places with really cute hats at the moment are River Island they do like Rabbit faced ones but i adore my bear one! The animal faced ones are so cute and so warm :) x

Dogs Christmas

On sunday i wanted to get presents out of the way and dog things so i went in to Pets At Home for a Chew each but came out with all of this...

Rawhide Christmas Sweeties - For Tess And Roxy
Munchy Stars - For Tess
Candy Cane Toy - For Roxy
Rubber Star Toy - For Roxy
Christmas Bear Toy - For Tess
Dog Christmas Antlers - For Tess
Lil Grinch Tshirt - For Roxy
I adore this tshirt i do admit in this picture that i got from there website it doesn't look great but when i saw it in the shop it was adorble it has glitter and everything on it, Haha i love the christmas spirit for pets! :) x

The Hurts!

On saturday the support act for Scissor Sisters were Hurts, They formed in 2009 i cant say i listened to them before i saw them but wow! They were amazing i could of listened to them for hours...

Just to add Adam was Gorgeous in person!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend :) x