Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cheap And Cheerful

Still can't believe how much snow we have, it was snowing again today. I kind of hope it stops now ive had enough of it. It's way to cold and hard to get anywhere. Ive heard some people have had really bad problems heading somewhere that takes half an hour and it taking seven. That must be awful, But i hope everyones okay :)

I have a few products to share with you guys, well my two favorite winter under £2 buys!

Firstly we have Natural Collection strawberry body spray, This is £1.99 from boots and it an amazing thing to have in the winter as perfume doesn't tend to last that long and some body sprays run out so quickly and smell quite cheap, where as this body spray is a really good, it lasts ages! For example one bottle last me 3-4 months sometimes even more, it does last forever and such a lovely scent! I really recommend this product!

Secondly i only brought this because it looked so cute! Its from Peacocks and its £2, Anyway this lipbalm is fabulous it really helps chapped lips and smells like chocolate, also once you put this lip balm on it looks and feels like Lip gloss. Ive tried this on top of lipstick aswell and it also works such a nice thing to keep n your bag in the winter :)

I have a couple of MAC products ive brought recently that ill do a review on tomorrow, Also some other makeup and bits and bobs, Hope everyones looking forward to christmas, Im looking forward to seeing all the family and things. I just can't pick what to wear, im thinking a peter pan collar tunic but im not sure yet. Any ideas? x


  1. I have the body spray i keep itin my bag all winter it smells great! Aww the lip balm is so cute, next time im in peacocks ill be sure to look out for that :)

    For christmas im thinking peter pan collar i love them with tights or leggings. Great blog!

    Emily xxxxx

  2. i've been wanting that lip balm for a while now. its so cute! but i'm not too fond of chocolate smells in beauty products. xoxo