Tuesday, 21 December 2010

MAC Lipstick & Lip Liner!

Once again its freezing! Anyway i have a couple of swatches to show you (I brought these two products when i was ment to be christmas shopping!) I didn't know what MAC products to pick so i got talking to one of the really nice women in there and she tryied a couple of different colour on me, as soon as i saw Captive i fell inlove with the colour, its a gorgeous Plum colour great for the winner! Underneath we tryied out the Subculture lipliner and that on its own is a lovely natural colour.

Lipstick Colour: Captive
Lip Liner Colour: Subculture

I don't normally wear liners but i really love this i use it all the time now, i did wear it today on its own, its a really soft but lovely colour :)

Swatches on the left Subculture on the right Captive.

What are your favorite MAC products? Would you recommend any colours? :)


  1. Nice colors! I wish you would have taken a pic of the combination so that we could have seen how they looked on!!!

    I really don't wear much makeup, so no suggestions here!


  2. i love Captive!!
    i recommend any of the reds MAC do fab red lipsticks :) xox

  3. My faves are Hue, Lovelorn, Angel...so many actually. I'm a big fan of nudes and pinks and seem to pick up new ones all the time (in the last few months anyway)

  4. Nice lips color shades. thanks a lot for sharing. My faves are Jordana, Hue, CQ and may more. currently I am using Jordana cosmetics Products. Great experience I received.