Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Me & My Brother!

At my Nan's on Boxing day me and my brother got a few snaps of us so i thought id share them with you guys because i don't see my brother much he still lives with us and everything but hes with his girlfriend alot and we only see him when he comes back to pick up some clothes or sleep but we never take pictures. We are really close, we didn't use to be that close untill about 2-3 years ago we have chatted and got on really well. :)
Me and James

Im wearing:
Peter Pan Leopard print collar tunic - Newlook
Magnifying Glass necklace - Zara Taylor
Black Tights (you can't see) - Topshop
Leopard print hair bow - Topshop

Lipstick - MAC viva glam gaga
Mascara - Maybelline great lash
Bronzer - Rimmel London natural bronzer
Foundation - Clinique

What did you wear on christmas/boxing day? x


  1. That's a sweet photo of you both! I'm the same way with my brother. I left my country just when we started getting close though. :( I like how natural the makeup is!

    Cherish the bond! :)

    By the way, I want to invite you to join my international giveaway. Come and be part of it if you're interested. <3

  2. Oh my!

    You're brother reminds me SO much of my little bro! Well he'll be 19 in June but he's always going to be my little brother!

    We've always got on, although I don't see him much nowadays as I have moved away to live with my bf but when I am home to visit he's always busy with his gf! On the odd occasion when we're both together we just play video games and watch movies. He's always asking for my advice too which is nice.

    I'm not as close to my older brother. I see him about twice a year but it's always nice on the rare occasion that I do.

    I'm so glad I didn't have a sister haha! xxx