Sunday, 23 January 2011

Scrabble Nails

I forgot to add the pictures of my nails in the last post, i didn't know what design to go for then i looked at my scrabble ring and thought THANK YOU! haha! Anyway this is how they turned out..

I think it was about 25 minutes i was doing this design for normally i take a lot longer on my nails but sometimes i don't have the patience

I used Barry M colours, the bursh was quite hard to do the "X" and "O" with but its alright, i also picked up a Rimmel London 60 second nail varnish today, to see how long it actuatly does take to dry :)

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend xox

Lush Haul

Okay so i think i may have over done it in Lush, i also go in there and think "aww thats cute" or "another one won't hurt" then get to the till and think crap! The valentines day ones are so adorable at the moment, first of all when i walked in i went over to the Frog he's so cute, planning on using him tonight! I love the fact that i only went into Lush to buy another soap and came out with about 7 things, atleast my mum loves Lush things aswell so she can always use some :)

Lush goodies :)

Also it's my Dads birthday next week and i really don't know what to get him, for christmas it wasnt to bad because he needed aftershave and new polo shirts, but now hes got all of that so i'm abit stuck, i find men really hard to buy for!
The only other thing ive really done today is painted my nails and started tidying my wardrobe and draws to throw out all the clothes and bits i don't wear, ahh its painful i hate throwing things away haha, Atleast i made some shorts out of my old pink jeans so thats not to bad :)

Last thing id like to add thank you to everyone who has followed me, i really do appreciate every single follow and comment :) xox

Monday, 17 January 2011

Topshop Wishlish:

Wow, I'm really tired but can't sleep? Crazy? Huh.. So in the end i thought id do a quick blogpost :)
Firstly Thank you so much to all my followers! New and old followers i'm so greatful! As i couldn't sleep i had a nose around topshop online and found some bits i'm so in-love with!
Source: Topshop

I really love peterpan collars. this tunic/dress is gorgeous i love the petrol green, and only £28 YES PLEASE! :) I have a strong feeling ill be ordering this before i sleep tonight! Haha!

The 2 rings, well i have a major ring obsession at the moment and it doesn't help when Topshop have sich beautiful ones! The sliver leaf i love it would look great with anything! And the golden/blue stoned ring, I actuatlly love, i think it's a sort of Love or Hate ring but it's got my vote!

Bronze lipgloss, this gorgeous lipgloss is £1! Yes you heard right £1, This may have to slip on my order tonight aswell, haha! there goes my YSL ring fund!

I also saw this glittery deep red nail varnish, i haven't seen this colour in drugstores but then again i have some glitter nail vanish and it's actuatly HELL to get off!

So thats a few of my favorite things in Topshop at the moment! Do you have any favorite things in Topshop at the moment? I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) xox

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wall Art

My wall art from CSN Has arrived and it's now up! I adore it, Makes a bare wall look so interesting, I'm glad i went for wall art instead of a picture or frame of something, anyway here my new lovely wall art up:

I really love it, I think it suits that wall, Haha!

I love how well made it is, What do you think? :) x

At the moment i'm so in-love with YSL rings, I really need to start saving for one! x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

LUSH Bath Heaven!

Yesturday i had such a relaxing bath, I thought id use some of the Lush things i got for christmas. I have to say this time last year i would never really buy myself baths things, but now i spend money on it all the time, I'm turning into a Lush addicit! :)

The bath water before anything was added.

I used a Lush Bubble-Bar to start with..

It turned the water Pink and loads of bubbles, I really loved the smell of this. It made the whole house smell like a Funfair lots of Candyfloss type smells :)

This is by far one of the best products ive ever had from Lush, Definatly going to be trying more of these out!
(On the picture the water doesn't look at Pink as it actuatlly did)

I also used Rockstar soap! This has such a lovely feel to it, I always tend to cut Lush soaps in half otherwise i find them to big and clumpy :) The only product i didn't take a picture of that i used was Snow Fairy. I use it as Shampoo, It leaves your hair smelling like bubblegum! Haha! :)
What are your favorite Lush products? x

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Everytime i'm doing something and one the dogs walk past and look at me i normally end up going over to see them and forget what i was doing before! I got a few pictures of me with them today so i thought id quickly share them :)

Roxy and Me, just after a walk :)

Tess giving her paw for a biscuit :)

Today i wore:
Tights: Primark
Vest top (you can't see): Topshop
Bodycon skirt: H&M
Oversized striped tshirt: Peacocks
Necklace: Zara Taylor

I found this oversized tshirt when i went shopping with a friend a few days ago, I normally don't really find anything i like in peacocks but i actuatlly love this tshirt, it's so huge and lightweight but warm! If you guys can't tell already, I love my dogs! haha :) x

Late Christmas Gifts:

On thursday when the post came there was a package (well box) It's was for my mum but it ended up being for me, as some little bits she ordered me for christmas didn't arrive in time because of all the snow here and things so i got it late she actuatlly had forgotten she ordered it haha! But anyway here it is...

Well this is the... BOX! :)

Blue paper.. and is that a sweet i see..?

How cute is this mini candy cane, If you order from Beadesaurus before christmas they throw in this little treat :)

I loved how tiny this was, i think in the end i got around 30 pictures of it! haha!

The goodies.. 

Bone hair slides, I love how different these are.. Can't wait to try them out!

2 Religious saints bracelets (Black and Brown) Ive wanted these for so long :)

Gingerbread man ring! I really adore this ring, ive never seen anything like it..

All the goodies :) Thanks Mum!!

Sorry about using so many pictures i just wanted to show everyone everything because all of the things are so different, If anyone wanted the site it's Beadesaurus They have so many things From rings to dresses but they are really resonable prices. I love their jewerly! :) x 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

POUT Lipstick Review:

Hope everyones enjoying the weekend, I can't say ive done much today (Lazy me!) I have a few posts to catch up on since i haven't blogged for 5 days or something, also tonight i can't wait to have a relaxing bath with some of my Lush things i got for christmas so im looking forward to letting you know what they are like, But now i thought id do a quick post of POUT Lipstick, i got it for christmas from a friend but ive been wanting to try them out for ages because they have beautiful nude and pink colours also they are very affordable!

I love how cute the outside is, I love it when lipsticks aren't just plain and boring they have a pattern or something to them. :)
This colour is called "Doll-face" It's a really pretty glossy pink.

Here's the swatch, i really like this colour its great during the day because it's not over the top bright, Also id like to add one more thing about this it lasts forever! I had it on all day yesturday i even ate and it was still on! I really recommend these Lipsticks, They have the same creamy soft feel as MAC Lipsticks. :) x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Furniture & Cooking

Bedroom Furniture
Good evening fellow bloggers and readers! :)
Isn't it cold today well then again i live in england and its always cold here, how much id love to be on holiday right now! Anyway on with what this posts about:

I would like to share with you these 2 amazing sites:

This site is affordable and very high quality these are a few of my favorite pieces:

How gorgeous is this? (I think its calling my name haha!)

And there beautiful wall art, this would look amazing in any room.

Now onto the next site:

This site is so good, everyday pieces but so different and the colours and things are lovely
Here's a few of my favorites,

I would love to drink from this, the pattern and colours are beautiful 
I think i'm in love? How gorgeous is this cake stand!

Check out both sites they have so much stuff to love/buy, I can't wait to order :)
I'll let you know what i order and do a review on the product that i pick when it comes! x

Monday, 3 January 2011


Well since the start of November ive become slightly obsessed with Rings, I love how they can transform an outfit and how many different styles you can get! Republic do amazing Rings at the moment! Animal ones seem to be everywhere in the past month. I really like the bird rings, swallows and flowers basically everything, Haha! :) I got these few the other day when i went to Reading:

Bird ring: Republic
Orange flower ring: New Look
Red flower ring: Primark
Love letters ring: Claries
Leopard ring: H&M
The Love ring in the middle: Primark

I definatly have a Ring obsession at the moment,
My favorite ring at the moment has got to be my Rabbit Ring i got last month from primark, I wear it with pretty much everything! :)
What's your favorite ring you own? Also What jewelry item couldn't you live without? x

Christmas Presents

Here are a few of my christmas present's: I put them all away so i just grabbed out a few to take a picture of so you can see the sort of things i got, I love looking at what other people got and what things they are into. :)

In these pictures i have:
Kinder chocolate santa: Nom!
Milk Chocolate melts
3x Bodyshop lipbalms (Strawberry,Passion fruit,Water-melon)
Gift set of Charlie body sprays
2x Barry M nails varnishs (290 and 308)
"The book of bunny suicide" (From my brother with indoor sparklers)
3x La Senza socks
Blue knitted long baggy jumper
and Tic Tac's :)

I also got some other nail varnish's and another jumper and thing but these are a few bits and bobs i got out to take the photos,
What did you get for christmas? :) x

Puppy Love!

Well today i have abit of a confession i woke up at round 1! Oppz.. I may have over slept a little! Apart from over sleeping i haven't really done much at all, Ive started tidying up (Looks worse now than when i first started) So ill have to sort everything out tomorrow and complete it hopefully! Also ive done a couple of reviews of products today as i was ment to be "tidying" ill be writing about them and uploading the pictures tomorrow.
Thought today id show you a few pictures of me and my puppy that were taken earlier :)

The pictures aren't great quality but Roxy's so adorable. Glad Tess bundled on my this morning otherwise i would of been up even later than one. Haha! My parent's let the dogs up in the morning and its really cute because the big black lab lays at the bottom of the bed untill i move my arm like for a cuddle then she will come over and so mad! Ill be doing a few Review posts tomorrow :)
Hope everyone had a good day! x

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick post wishing everyone a Happy new year! I really hope 2011 is a good year for everyone! This year i'm looking forward to start doing more reviews, outfit posts, life posts, makeup swatches, hauls! Abit of everything, I would also like to thank every single follower! I have 23 lovely followers, This is for you THANK YOU! For every single comment and follow im so happy i didn't even think id get one to be honest! Enjoy your night :) x