Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wall Art

My wall art from CSN Has arrived and it's now up! I adore it, Makes a bare wall look so interesting, I'm glad i went for wall art instead of a picture or frame of something, anyway here my new lovely wall art up:

I really love it, I think it suits that wall, Haha!

I love how well made it is, What do you think? :) x

At the moment i'm so in-love with YSL rings, I really need to start saving for one! x


  1. Thanks for stopping by! The wall art looks lovely .. much better than a simple frame :) x

  2. that wall art looks amazing!

  3. I have seen some really amazing wall arts in Good Homes magazine.
    This one is really nice. It's not too busy and it goes well with the wooden door frames and doors. Good choice. xxx