Monday, 3 January 2011

Puppy Love!

Well today i have abit of a confession i woke up at round 1! Oppz.. I may have over slept a little! Apart from over sleeping i haven't really done much at all, Ive started tidying up (Looks worse now than when i first started) So ill have to sort everything out tomorrow and complete it hopefully! Also ive done a couple of reviews of products today as i was ment to be "tidying" ill be writing about them and uploading the pictures tomorrow.
Thought today id show you a few pictures of me and my puppy that were taken earlier :)

The pictures aren't great quality but Roxy's so adorable. Glad Tess bundled on my this morning otherwise i would of been up even later than one. Haha! My parent's let the dogs up in the morning and its really cute because the big black lab lays at the bottom of the bed untill i move my arm like for a cuddle then she will come over and so mad! Ill be doing a few Review posts tomorrow :)
Hope everyone had a good day! x


  1. i love your hair clip =) where is it from? xx

  2. you have such long beautiful lashes!!