Monday, 17 January 2011

Topshop Wishlish:

Wow, I'm really tired but can't sleep? Crazy? Huh.. So in the end i thought id do a quick blogpost :)
Firstly Thank you so much to all my followers! New and old followers i'm so greatful! As i couldn't sleep i had a nose around topshop online and found some bits i'm so in-love with!
Source: Topshop

I really love peterpan collars. this tunic/dress is gorgeous i love the petrol green, and only £28 YES PLEASE! :) I have a strong feeling ill be ordering this before i sleep tonight! Haha!

The 2 rings, well i have a major ring obsession at the moment and it doesn't help when Topshop have sich beautiful ones! The sliver leaf i love it would look great with anything! And the golden/blue stoned ring, I actuatlly love, i think it's a sort of Love or Hate ring but it's got my vote!

Bronze lipgloss, this gorgeous lipgloss is £1! Yes you heard right £1, This may have to slip on my order tonight aswell, haha! there goes my YSL ring fund!

I also saw this glittery deep red nail varnish, i haven't seen this colour in drugstores but then again i have some glitter nail vanish and it's actuatly HELL to get off!

So thats a few of my favorite things in Topshop at the moment! Do you have any favorite things in Topshop at the moment? I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) xox


  1. LOVE the rings! Im a big ring fan myself :)
    I love your blog!
    I'm watching a few things on your Ebay!
    Peter pan collars are really pretty and very fashionable treat yourself! :)

    Becky xx

  2. TOPSHOP LIPGLOSS FOR £1! wow im heading over to order now :D
    Lovely items.. just think if you don't order them they may go out of stock forever! hehe :D xoxo

  3. I want a dress just like that but don't have the money )': And I've been seeing that leaf ring everywhere, it's gorgeous! :D xxx

  4. I'd love a peterpan collar dress but I don't think it would suit me :(

  5. I love peterpan collars too! Jsut give me everything in Topshop, I love it all, haha xD Why does Topshop do this to us? were gona be broke. ;[ x

  6. i love that leafy ring! i saw it one like it at forever21 =)

  7. Me too Peterpan collars are so pretty! I have a navy blouse with one and its so girly! x

  8. i wish we had top shop here!!! soo cute

  9. That dress is really pretty!
    Tip if you didn't already know for glitter nail polish is to wrap cotton wool with some nail polish remover on it around your nail and then pop some tinfoil over the top, leave for 5-10minutes and it usually slides right off without the constant scrubbing. :)

  10. I'm with you on the ring obsession! The bigger, the better! <3 Statement rings are a must for me.

    Peter Pan collars are the best! I like the cap sleeved ones because you can wear blouses underneath it. It makes such an interesting piece. :)

  11. Ugh, I could easily spend all of my college money at Topshop! Nice wishlist you have, love the blog x

  12. I love top shop. This nail polishes with spots are nice.

    Follow me if u want.
    xoxo ;*

  13. I haven't tried the Topshop makeup yet. I really must though as I've heard a lot of good things about it. I love the golden ring, it's gorgeous! xx

  14. @Anna Thank you very much for the tip ill have to give that a try soon *fingers crossed* it works :) x

    @Toni I thinks its been since ive started blogging and reading other peoples blogs ive got into rings, i use to be obsessed with necklaces so ive grown quite a collection, now its the ring collecting by the look of things :) x

    I have to say i did order the lipgloss and tunic so looking forward to those turning up this week, next time i pop into Topshop i really want to see that those rings look like up-close :)

    Thank you all for commenting i love reading that you think xox