Sunday, 9 January 2011

Late Christmas Gifts:

On thursday when the post came there was a package (well box) It's was for my mum but it ended up being for me, as some little bits she ordered me for christmas didn't arrive in time because of all the snow here and things so i got it late she actuatlly had forgotten she ordered it haha! But anyway here it is...

Well this is the... BOX! :)

Blue paper.. and is that a sweet i see..?

How cute is this mini candy cane, If you order from Beadesaurus before christmas they throw in this little treat :)

I loved how tiny this was, i think in the end i got around 30 pictures of it! haha!

The goodies.. 

Bone hair slides, I love how different these are.. Can't wait to try them out!

2 Religious saints bracelets (Black and Brown) Ive wanted these for so long :)

Gingerbread man ring! I really adore this ring, ive never seen anything like it..

All the goodies :) Thanks Mum!!

Sorry about using so many pictures i just wanted to show everyone everything because all of the things are so different, If anyone wanted the site it's Beadesaurus They have so many things From rings to dresses but they are really resonable prices. I love their jewerly! :) x 


  1. oh my god, that ring is adorable!!! I'll really getting into quaint and unique jewellery right now and that is just too cute for words! may have to invest in one myself :) x

  2. A second Christmas sounds lovely to me! :)

    That gingerbread man is so cute! It's very festive. (It also is making me crave gingerbread and gingersnaps. LOL!)


  3. I love Kreepsville 666 jewellery! It's so different and well made. That gingerbread man ring is SO cute! xxx

  4. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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