Saturday, 8 January 2011

POUT Lipstick Review:

Hope everyones enjoying the weekend, I can't say ive done much today (Lazy me!) I have a few posts to catch up on since i haven't blogged for 5 days or something, also tonight i can't wait to have a relaxing bath with some of my Lush things i got for christmas so im looking forward to letting you know what they are like, But now i thought id do a quick post of POUT Lipstick, i got it for christmas from a friend but ive been wanting to try them out for ages because they have beautiful nude and pink colours also they are very affordable!

I love how cute the outside is, I love it when lipsticks aren't just plain and boring they have a pattern or something to them. :)
This colour is called "Doll-face" It's a really pretty glossy pink.

Here's the swatch, i really like this colour its great during the day because it's not over the top bright, Also id like to add one more thing about this it lasts forever! I had it on all day yesturday i even ate and it was still on! I really recommend these Lipsticks, They have the same creamy soft feel as MAC Lipsticks. :) x

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  1. i've never heard of this make before, the lipstick looks gorgeous!! xx