Wednesday, 5 January 2011

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Bedroom Furniture
Good evening fellow bloggers and readers! :)
Isn't it cold today well then again i live in england and its always cold here, how much id love to be on holiday right now! Anyway on with what this posts about:

I would like to share with you these 2 amazing sites:

This site is affordable and very high quality these are a few of my favorite pieces:

How gorgeous is this? (I think its calling my name haha!)

And there beautiful wall art, this would look amazing in any room.

Now onto the next site:

This site is so good, everyday pieces but so different and the colours and things are lovely
Here's a few of my favorites,

I would love to drink from this, the pattern and colours are beautiful 
I think i'm in love? How gorgeous is this cake stand!

Check out both sites they have so much stuff to love/buy, I can't wait to order :)
I'll let you know what i order and do a review on the product that i pick when it comes! x


  1. I love this post, just on my way to look at those sites! that cake stand is definatly going to be my easter present! :)


  2. Im definatly going to be making an order as im having my room re-done in about a month so some of this stuff is perfect. The cake stand really is beautiful

    Thanks for these sites Laura!!!
    Emma xx

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  4. hello there(: i just happened to stumble upon your blog! its so cute and simple i love it(: this post is definitely interesting and i love the little tea cup(:

    -maebell! so glad i stopped by!

    1. What an idea, I have to say furniture and its beautiful and amazing.