Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas & Cupcakes

I hope everyone had an amazing christmas! Sorry for not blogging over christmas ive just been so busy, Its been lovely spending time with the whole family :)
Christmas Eve: I spent most of the day wrapping presents and watching christmas films on the telly, haha! Also i made cupcakes i have to say ive never made them before but i love them anyway this is how they turned out...
I have to say they turned out alot better than i thought they would and tasted so good! :)

Christmas Day: Had my dads side of the family round, stayed in my PJ's most of the day and ate so much its un-real, But Mmm.. christmas dinner!

Boxing Day: Saw my mums side of the family we went round my dads and had lunch and dinner chatted to everyone, laughed had fun.. Everything christmas is about really :)

Overall ive had a really nice Christmas lovely presents, family, food (abit too much) But it was great!
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! x