Monday, 13 December 2010


Ive been wanting to show you guys my light-up snowman my nan brought me, hes adorable. Do you have any favorite christmas decorations? :)

Haha, i just loved him. Wow don't things like that make you feel like christmas is tomorrow. But still i cant believe its in less than 2 weeks thats crazy! Im still not done on presents and things i need to go shopping again either tomorrow or wednesday to get my dads and a few bits and bobs :) I haven't put my wish list on here yet. Wow im so late for everything this year, sorry this post is pretty short but im so knackered today anyway nighty night everyone :) x


  1. He is soooo adorable! I really love it. I want something just like this to put next to the christmas tree! Haha. So great!


    Best wishes,


  2. Aww he is soo cute :) Really like your blog too, so nice xx

  3. I love that post :)))))))