Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Really looking forward to this weekend im heading to Milton Keynes to do some christmas shopping and spend the day with my auntie! :) So excited, i don't see her that much and its great when its just me and her because we can talk about everything. Its been ages since we last went on a shopping trip so cant wait! Got a couple of things in mind of what i want to buy because ive got most presents now i just need my brothers and id like to get a snood or new scarf as the weather is so damn cold at the moment! Also i looked on Republic website last weekend and saw a gorgeous Frog ring, so im hoping thats in stock the only other thing im planning on getting is nail varnish, Barry M are on 3 for 2 at the moment so thinking of stocking up :)

Also hoping to see my Beautiful cousin Libby and my uncle Ian, Its been way to long since ive seen all of them, I miss them a lot! If im ever having a rough day i just stand back and think atleast i have the most amazing family, some people dont even have that so it just shows no matter how bad you feel or how bad a problem is in your life there is always someone that has it much worse! So chin up everyone :) x


  1. This is so sweet, it made me smile for sure!
    I love that ring by the way i may buy it myself now haha. Have a great time on saturday it sounds like you will


  2. this is so true family are the most important people in our lives sometime everyone forgets that as you said there is always someone worse off that hits the nail on the head it makes me feel lucky for what ive got and it might not be a lot to the queen and people like that but its more than possible to some people :) you have really opened my eyes, when i feel crap im going to think about this and everyone in poverty or homeless people
    Thank you i love this
    Leanne xxx