Monday, 15 November 2010

Welcome to my world!

Heey Everyone! Well im new to this blogging, so here goes the first post! :)
I got my puppy 1 month ago and she's Gorgeous! Her name is Roxy, Shes a Kashon (Mixbreed)
Fell in love with her the first time i saw her, She's really good actuatlly, i thought it might become a nightmare, but shes very well behaved! The only thing i miss is my lay-in's! Hahaa. But shes worth it :)
Anyway i thought it show you guy's a picture...

Roxy is now 3 months old, and super cute!
Do any of you want or have a puppy? if so what breed? and are they well behaved? :)


  1. WHAT a little cutie! How precious. I'm a cat girl, I've got three. But who knows, maybe once they're gone we'll try a dog! Cute post :)


  2. WOW! cute puppy!
    i have a westie, hes 9 months old :) xx

  3. adorable puppy and i love the name Roxy, ive wanted a puppy for some time but didnt know what breed to go for. now i might look into kashons i love the picture! are they an expensive breed? great post by the way! x