Thursday, 18 November 2010

Flash Back!

I stand there painfully starring at the empty road. My feet feeling numb as ice, my body frozen still. I can’t move the fear is too powerful. All I can hear are the raging screams inside my head. The shouts are getting louder and harder, It hurts I fall to the ground quickly, and look up sternly. I see a little blonde girl standing quietly before me, just starring at my pale terrified face. She just keeps starring.
Then out of no-where she said, “I want my mummy, help me find her, I want my mummy.” She repeated them harsh words with an angry tone in her voice over and over. I can’t bare it. The thumping pain in my heart, getting harder and worse. Stop it, I want it to stop. I squeeze my glaring eyes shut. “Go away” I bellowed. Why me? Why pick me?
I scramble quickly into the corner of a dirty repulsive alleyway. Keeping my eyes shut tight. I curl my body into a tight ball and start rocking backwards and forwards singing, Just singing at the top of my voice.
I found the courage to open my glaring eyes and the little blonde girl had disappeared. “Ha-ha” I laughed loudly. I’ve won! I stood up carefully still cautious with what will happen. I started walking away at a slow normal pace. My footsteps getting bigger and quicker. I then ran, I ran for my life. When I was half way out of the isolated deserted town I stopped and just stood there starring at the disused mental asylum.
I couldn’t catch my breath; I was petrified of what might happen. Was I going insane? Was i dreaming? But all I knew was the pain that I felt, it felt like having your pure pumping heart ripped open with the bare hands of dead corpse.

I haven't finshed my story yet, but this is it so far! what does everyone think? is it okay so far? any ideas to add to it? :)


  1. i really love this story its very deep,
    maybe in the end it gets to much maybe suicide?
    im not great on storys but i would definatly read this. hope this helped in some way.x