Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Scrabble Ring..

Well today has been pretty busy! Still haven't finshed my coursework (Oppz) ill have to finsh it tomorrow or something, i have so much of it left to do..
Woke up this morning and in the post my Scrabble Ring came!!

Im so happy with this! I got it from Ebay it was super cheap! If anyone wants anymore details on it please let me know :)
Had to take the dogs to the vets today, Thankfully they are both fine! So happy to hear that!
Then i thought id walk the dogs for being so well behaved, BIG mistake, The weather has been awful today and Roxy decied to not want to walk the whole way, so i had to carry her, Muddy paws! (Fab!) Haha.
Ive been wearing my ring all day, im actuatlly in love with it :) Overall pretty good day.. Not looking forward to tomorrow though, WAY to much coursework to catch up on.

Does anyone else own a scrabble ring? :)


  1. SAME! i have stacks of coursework i need to do, i find i always leave it to the last minute

    and i own a scrabble ring! :) i wear it with everything! x

  2. can you email me where you got it and the prices i really want one now it looks amazing :)

    Thank you xxx

  3. my dog always refuses to walk i have to carry the damn thing! haha i know how you feel when its rainy and muddy :)