Saturday, 20 November 2010

Meal & Children In Need..

Didn't have time to do yesturdays blog post, so i thought id do it now.. :)
Anyway i had a pretty relaxing friday did some coursework and went for a really nice meal with my Nan and Gramp, we went to the Beefeater at longwall it was LUSH. I think i ate abit to much though! haha..
When i got back i watched Children in need, all i can say is WOW that made me well up for than a few times! Amazing cause! :)


  1. glad you had a good time!! :)
    children in need made me cry loads lol! x

  2. I loved children in need last night.. i thought it was very well set out.. and the kids story were so upsetting.. what did you have to eat?

    Kelly xx