Sunday, 28 November 2010

Town & Meal & Gramp :)

Today has been AMAZING! really amazing, i had a lovely day out with my Gramp we went for a nice meal and a bit of shopping and also a craft fair. He brought me a beautiful handmade bracelet from the craft fair, ill take pictures tomorrow and upload them, i just really dont have time tonight.
The only other things i brought today were 2 dog toys from the craft fair, Tights and 3 new rings :) Ill take photo's of them aswell tomorrow, Im inlove with them! 2 are double fingered rings i adore those at the moment :) It was so cold today i really do need a new jacket, but i need to find the perfect one.
Hope everyone else has had a great day! :)

Just for anyone who has never seen a picture of my Black lab Tess :) This photo was taken 3 months ago when we went on holiday with the dog for the first time ever, she loved it! (I don't know if my legs did!) Haha! x

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