Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Coursework & Boots.

Well today has been pretty boring to be honest, got up at eight walked the dogs then saw how much coursework i have to do.. so i made a start on it, im on "writing my story" so once ive done ill post it on here for you guys to read and let me know what you think. I also headed to boots today and picked up a few things firstly i spotted the FCUK bronzer set, and saw it was only £12! i didn't want the Clutch bag that was with it really, but last year someone got me the FCUK bronzer and it was amazing! it lasted like forever..

I also got a few friends presents because it was 3for2 on gifts, there was actuatlly loads of great things in there at the moment, i remeber last year i looked everywhere for the good sets and couldn't really find anything. Also i picked up the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, i really recommend this product, under foundation its perfect! I tend to get the 50ml bottle, i think it was about £15 it lasts me months so its really worth it!

I actuatlly got the non-pump one, but they both work the same! :)
That's about all ive done today so far, ive got to take both dogs to the vets tomorrow, for a check up i hate how much vets cost! £25 just for a check up (less than 5minutes) its crazy so they will definatly cost me £50 tomorrow! Great! haha, just need to finsh my story writing coursework now, then ill post it up on here later hopefully! :)

Has anyone else been to Boots recently? Did you find better gifts than last year?


  1. i went into boots yesturday and brought about 6 gift sets it only came to about £50! i found last year wasnt great and ended up costing me a hell of a lot more! im going to try that clinique lotion, the one i use only lasts about a month!

    Leanne xx

  2. mcuh better gifts than last year..
    i hope there is that fcuk set left i really want to get it now XD x

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