Thursday, 18 November 2010


Cant believe how many kids dont respect their parents, it seems to of got worse..
i was out today, i need a new cardie, so i popped into Newlook, there was a gobby girl and her mum, the girl obviously wanted something from Newlook and her mum said no, WOAH did she go mad at her mum, she was actuatlly shouting, saying stuff like "i hate you" "hope you die, get out of my life" in frount of everybody her mum broke down, started crying and said "i cant afford it at the moment im sorry," I was in total shock! wow how can someone do that in public, and make there mother break down, i just wanted to run over and hug her..
Im actuatlly VERY close to my parents, i didn't use to be that close, but the past few years i have noticed how important parents really are!

Anyway on a higher note, my new camera came today! Woo! :)
just need to buy a memory card for it now.

Are you close to your parents? Does anyone know where you can get cheap memory cards from? :)

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  1. wow.. thats shocking i hate it when kids act like they are the world haha XD
    i get on with my parents really well and try currys they have good memory card in there!

    your picture is gorgeous! your so pretty :)x