Sunday, 26 June 2011

Silver Service Jewellery

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a good weekend! It's really warm here in England today, so really i should be outside enjoying the sunshine, but i really wanted to write this post :)

Ive been really kindly Sent two bits of Jewellery from Silver Service Jewellery, i'm so excited to share them with you because they're so different and right up my street!

These are the two beautiful pieces!
Firstly we have the Angle wings necklace, this is actuatly carved out of bone! The work and detail thats gone into the necklace is incredible, i really love it!

Secondly is a gorgeous cotton bracelet with a small peace sign, the great thing about this is its one size fits all as you can adjust how big or tight you want it, this is a great everyday item, i'm sure i'll be getting a-lot of wear out of it :)

I really can't tell you how impressed i am with the detail and the feel of both pieces! Here are some ways you can get hold of them or just check them out..
Twitter: @_silver_service 
and finally to look at their products or to buy click Here

(My giveaway ends this Thursday so get entering)
(Plus i have some really exciting news to tell you all very soon!) xo


  1. I really love the cotton bracelet!
    So many things from that site are on my Birthday list now :D haha!!

    Plus i'm looking forward to hearing about the exciting news! xxx

  2. Those are both beautiful pieces - I adore the angel wings!

    Can't wait to hear your news ;)


  3. They're super cute items, just looked at their website and I love their skull jewellery!

  4. Gorgeous items!

    I love the necklace! xx

  5. These pieces are really cute :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. the necklace is so pure and beautiful ^^

  7. I <3 the angel wings..
    Wish I could buy them x_x

  8. These are so cute and I'm such a sucker for cute jewellery!


  9. loving the bracelet! I have read that you are going to ldnbloggersmeet? me too, nervous and excited to meet everyone x