Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Week In Pictures

1. Ive been walking Roxy a-lot more recently, she loves it! It's just annoying how she doesn't even look tired! At this point i felt DEAD. haha!

2. Only one sunny day this week (but then i do live in England) spend the day in the garden reading Glamour magazine with the free Benefit goodie, i picked High-beam, ive been using it pretty much every day since i got it, i really like the glow it gives to your cheek bones, might grab another one before they're all gone :)

3. Pepper and onion salad wraps, ive been in the mood for these all week so i made some this evening, so glad i did! YUM!

4. I went for a really nice meal with my Nan and Gramp and my Brother the other day, this was just a quick picture that i decided to take before we headed out. I had such a lovely time, great food and great company couldn't ask for more! :)

Hope you've all had a great week! Did anyone else manage to get your hands on Glamour magazine? I'd love to know which Benefit goodie you picked, and what you think of it? xo


  1. Roxy is really cute!

  2. you look stunning hunni, where your dress from? i love it :) I also got the Benefit highbeam. I really like the feel it has to the skin and the glow, great post! xx

  3. Lovely post!
    1. roxy is adorable
    2. aww tess looks so sweet
    3. i love peppers
    4. you look amazing! so pretty :D


  4. aww your dog is so sweet,
    mmm those wraps sound yummy!


  5. Love seeing posts like this! Such cute dogs! I wish my dog was more active, she is the opposite to yours! Lazy bugger ;).

  6. Your dogs are adorable! Glad you had a great week. :]

  7. The puppies are just too cute! :D