Thursday, 7 July 2011

Battlefront Series 3

Hey everyone, so today this is a totally different post than normal, ive been really excited to share this with you for a while now, and finally today.. I CAN! :)

Ever heard of a TV show on T4 called Battlefront well this year it's series 3, and i was lucky enough to head down to London the other week and meet the presenter and a few of the production people who help make the show happen! Right first of all here are a few pictures that i could take whilst i was there the other week and asked the lovely presenter Mawaan a few questions about this years show...

Negativity signs, being written by Mawaan himself..

 Tell us a bit about the show?

Battlefront is a project that follows a group of young
campaigners trying to change the world.
You can keep up with their progress on the website, twitter, tumblr and on T4 when our TV show is on, and in the real world by coming to one of the amazing events we'll be running in the coming weeks and months.

What can we expect from this series?

You can expect to see loads of funny moments, heart warming experiences, incredible journeys, passion and young people going out there to campaign for causes they believe in.

Are you surprised at how determined young people are today?
Young people are far more strong willed and enthusiastic than adults give them credit for. I'm totally impressed, but not at all surprised!
What benefits do you think people can gain by working with teens and young adults?
I think that adults can see the world from a different light by working with teens, it works both ways, we can learn a lot from each other.

If you would like to check out this years Campaigners then you can follow their individual campaigns on facebook and twitter...
BeatTheStreets - @_beatthestreets
SportULove - @sportulove
SignUpSaveLives - @signupsavelives
TalkAboutSex - @_talkaboutsex
Ready4Work - @ready4work

This is a great programme, but better yet.. If you're between 14-21 After the grand launch, they will be on the hunt for a Sixth Campaigner to join this year’s Battlefronters! It's a great show and the previous two have both won Emmy awards! Check out there facebook page: BattlefrontUK

Finally i'd like to thank the crew and Mawaan for a great day! I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to find out more! :) xo


  1. Ive never seen this programme before.. but i defo will be! great that it gives young people a voice :)
    hope you had a fab day! xx

    p.s you look gorgeous!!! xxx

  2. cannot wait to hear more! sounds so good that its a programme aimed at young people and gives them a chance to show that they believe in and really try and make a difference! great post xox

  3. That sounds like such a cool experience! :D

  4. Oooh how exciting! Sounds like a fab experience and you look amazing! You look like a TV presenter :)