Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cherished Trinkets

Firstly WOW it's been way too long since my last post, I hope everyone's well :)

Todays post is on a site called Cherished Trinkets i was kindly sent a two lovely handmade items, right now for some pictures..

In love? YES.

How beautiful is this Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet, It's just so detailed, its lovely. Every single time i look at it, its like i find another beautiful little charm everything from a little "Drink Me" bottle and Red Roses to a Little Spoon and Pearls. This would be great for a treat for yourself of even as a gift to a friend or loved one, I really is a beautiful handmade piece! (I can't stop starring at it) Every single time i wear it i get compliments and people saying "Wow that's so different" " I love your bracelet" I couldn't love this any more than i do, the colours, just everything is perfect! Check them out girlies remember everythings handmade :)

Now the second piece... How creative is this girl? I mean seriously it's such an adorable little piece, on the necklace is a small postcard with "I love you" written on it, next to the postcard is a small Pearl and a Flower, it really is a vintage inspired necklace, I wear it all the time, I cannot say how much i love Cherished Trinkets head over to the website and have a browse at all the information and beautiful jewellery, I think there's something on there for everyone! :) xo

Haha, really had to add this in.. I put my glasses (that i hardly ever wear) on Roxy and she actually wouldn't take them off, i went to get the camera to take the picture and she still hadn't moved, It makes me laugh every time i see this now! xo


  1. Ive missed your blogging hun :) The jewellery is stunning! Ive never seen anything like that charm bracelet before, as soon as i get my exam result my mum's going to by me a charm bracelet from Cherised Trinkets now!!
    LOVE the photo of Roxy, how cute? made me laugh to :) xxx

  2. i love handmade jewellery always so much more effort and love gone into making them. definatly going to be getting that necklace its so pretty and different
    haha roxy!
    great post!! x

  3. That is beautiful and unique bracelet! To have Alice in Wonderland theme in bracelet is such a gorgeous idea!

    I am not surprise if you can't stop looking at it.. ! ^_^

  4. i absolutely love vintage jewelry! i love these :)

  5. Wow these are gorgeous, need to check out that site :) Thank you so much for sharing it <3

    Xoxo Christine

  6. Thanks so much for blogging about my jewellery. I'm pleased that you really like the items.

    P.S your Doggy is gorgeous!

    cherished Trinkets x

  7. A lovely charm bracelet and nice write up too! You can see more of Cherished Trinkets Alice in Wonderland jewellery on Alice in Wonderland blog

  8. coucou j'adore ce style de bracelet retro !!! ton chien est trop mimi

  9. Oh both are so beautiful <3 I envy you :)


  10. this is gorgeous! i've just found your blog & I love it!


  11. lovely accessories and tour dog is so cute!!<3

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  12. That bracelet is so gorgeous I love charm bracelets however I get too annoyed at them jangling about that I can't wear them I wish they didnt annoy me so much because they are so pretty


    p.s. love Roxy's specs, oddly they suit her. My cat just sits there when you put glasses/hats etc on it like its perfectly normal

  13. Love the bracelet and glasses on doggie:))))
    I thought about doing hand made jewelry myself but I kinda gave up cuz it costs me a bit too much.Right now.