Thursday, 13 October 2011

Recent Purchases (Beauty & Skincare)

A few products and things i've brought recently,

I'm really impressed with the Hot cloth cleanser i use it every morning and every night, i'm really starting to see results my skins really soft, and not just for a few hours but the whole day i really like this product plus it helps to wake up in the morning. (bonus) I haven't yet used the Garnier body replenishing lotion i only picked it up yesturday so i'm looking forward to seeing that i've heard great things about it if you have dry/combo skin.

The LOreal sculpting spritz and the Tea tree cleansing pads are okay, but not great. The spray doesn't hold for very long at all, after less 30 minutes my hair went back flat, it really didn't hold well, and the cleansing pads are quite strong and harsh on your skin, they did break me out so won't be using them again.

Oilatum face cream is amazing! I really love this product, i don't use it every day just when my skins dry i put it on at night then when you wake up in the morning the difference in my skin is amazing, this was a re-purchase aswell as the Pai skincare hydrating day cream once again a great product definatly worth it's £19 price tag as it lasts me around 2-3 months.

I really love the Mac studio sculpt foundation I brought it at online at the same time as buying the Bare Minerals original loose powder foundation Bare minerals original powder foundation i have to say i'm not that impressed with the Bare minerals powder foundation, i find it cloggs up the skin, i might buy a different brush and see if it makes a difference but i'm really not liking it at the moment, shame because at £23 it's not cheap either, definatly won't be re-purchasing. 

Finally just two Barry M nail paints i picked up 303 bright purple and 293 grey, haven't tried this colours before so looking forward to using them tonight! :)

I hope everyones well! xo


  1. I love oilatum face cream i use it three times a week and its perfect! I might try studio sculpt foundation i had the water based one but its nearly all gone + im not that happy with it im after a wax based foundation because i have dry skin i think it will work better

    great post :) xxx

  2. barry m nail paints are wicked i have 20 of them lol! i think im obsessed with them a little to much well nail varnish in general. love the purple colour i need to add that one to my collection
    Megan XX

  3. I love Barry M nail polishes, so cheap (especially when they're on 2 for £5 at Boots!).

  4. You'll love the Nail Paints! I have the grey color and think it's lush. Really wearable. Please check out and follow my blog at x

  5. Ooh lovely stuff, the Barry M shades are really pretty!

  6. Love the look of everything that you got. The nail polishes look really pretty xx

  7. Ohhhh I love the colour of the nail polishes. So on trend!

    Sarah Betty xx

  8. I'm loving the nail polish colors! :D

  9. love the polish colors!

    xoxo navy & orange

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Ive been checking out your blog and really like it! I am your newest follower! Feel free to follow mine for more DIY posts to come!

    How did you like the Garnier Body Lotion?? I've been thinking about purchasing it.

    :) CHelsey